I am hereby making a Snap! Replica but… it uses Blockly it is called Blast!… Please wish me luck!!!

I hope it goes well!


It’s going pretty good I already used blockly and made a stage and used a custom renderer

Good to hear, but what happened to that other Snap! replica you were working on?



BAB? well… it broke

Im also working on 2 projects now one uses morphic one uses blockly. One time bh said no one has ever made an entire snap! Clone or even gotten close so I proved that by making one in a few days

That's sad. Something I sometimes do whenever I'm working on my tower defence is create a copy of the project so updating the copy does not break the original. Maybe you could copy and paste the code of your Snap! code somewhere next time so that you can go back to it before your clone broke.

I hope this one doesn't break!


Version Control?

BAB uses javascript

I guess you could put it in a text file.

You should use a git repo to store your code. If something happens, you can always git revert! (Just remember to commit changes.) Plus, you can easily test code in a separate branch!