black screen

Attached is the program a student has used to create a platformer. When the dog reaches the portal and touches it, as opposed to going to the next stage, the screen turns black. No other student has this difficulty and I haven't been able to see anything incorrect in the code.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

if you look in the stage, he makes the stage hide when it receives stage 2 and stage 3. hiding the stage makes the stage turn black. If you remove the hide blocks, it'll work fine (although it can never go to stage 3 because when the dog is touching the portal, it will always go to stage 2)


Thank you!!! Didn't think to look there as I haven't ever had the students place any blocks there... e v e r...

Your time is MUCH appreciated!

you're welcome.

after a few years on snap, I still don't get why you can even hide the stage.

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