Black Screen Fix?

The browser I’m using is Google Chrome on my tablet. The version of my iPad (Sixth Generation) and the Model Number is MR7J2LL/A.
The project I’m working on is an RPG with 249KB of storage, 16 sprites and 30 costumes adding all of them up.
All I did was click the flag and it just became a black screen. The thing is when I look at the background sprite all the way at the bottom right I see it working. Everything works, but it just doesn’t show on screen. I tried deleting some code I didn’t need and even some sprites. But nothing worked. So I made a copy of the project and deleted everything and to my surprise with no code, no sprites, and nothing at all there was still a black screen. It’s not the code, it’s not game, I think it’s the website. Maybe I did a little too much code and broke it?

Please help and thank you.

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

In order to look at your project we need its url. Maybe the stripped-down one first? Thanks.!
Is this it?