BIGNUM Request

I normally like experimenting with the BIGNUMS library. and I saw something very inconvinent. I need to use square root of -1 to use i, And this was a pretty glaring issue because complex numbers are the basic use of BIGNUMS! so... can you add a reporter that reports i?

You use the little block with no name: untitled script pic (40)
It just allows you to type letters, like the imaginary i, into number input slots.

that's not what I need. I want a block that report I that I can just drag into anything I want. The code will be really simple. Also I think the little block should be named something like "report []".

untitled script pic (90)

could anybody add it to :snap:?

I can't, but I don't think anyone will since it is so simple

Yeah, this is totally easy for you to write, and also if we do it, it opens the door to requests for π, e, ℏ, φ, N₀, c, etc.

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