Big sprites aren’t detected by touching blocks in full screen

I have a project here that shows this Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
In this project if you aren’t in full screen mode it works perfectly fine, but if you are in full screen the maze walls no longer get detected by the “touching?” blocks, my best guess is that it has something to do with vector rasterasation or general optimizations that full screen mode does

i tried it in full screen and the collision seems to work (btw you forgot to make the maze not draggable)

it works on my pc but not on my i pad

Yeah, I think because everything is twice as big, the gaps between corners in a picture are bigger.

It's reproducible on a desktop with the "Retina display support" enabled.
Chrome@Win10 you can set 100+ zoom to trigger the Retina handling.

i cant find that setting anywhere

You may:

  1. Set zoom to 110
  2. Reload Snap!
  3. Test collision
  4. If error turn-off
    Shift :gear: > Retina display support
  5. Test

what if a sprite is on the left edge of the screen and it doesn't scroll like this?

Screenshot 2024-02-07 10.53.00 AM