Bézier Curves


I asked my math teacher if she knew what these were and how they worked. She didn't know, so I figured it out. This was actually really easy and fun to make.

Interesting. However, I am able to draw Bézier curves with just 1 point drawn.

How does your math teacher not know about bezier curves?

She knew about them but didn't understand it. :confused:


Ah, ok.

So did you teach her? That's what students are for, you know.

i will tomorrow

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yea i like to shake up my profile once in a while
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That is indeed a beautiful avatar.

It's really easy to exit Emacs, because it doesn't have the horrible distinction between insertion mode and command mode. That's why people have trouble exiting vim. Just sayin'. (Yeah I get that it was a joke.)

Sigh, I'm supposed to yell at you about pointers to external web sites. I'm getting tired of trying to enforce that. (I have been reading a book, The Picnic, which is about the fall of the Iron Curtain, and there's a lot in it about the state of mind of East German and Hungarian functionaries whose job was to stop people doing what they overwhelmingly wanted to do.) I keep trying to discuss the ToS with our team but there are always more fun things to talk about, such as Jens's latest experiments in dev. Sorry for hijacking the thread, now back to your discussion of Bézier curves.

P.S. Speaking of which, really nice explanatory project!

Ah, the functors! (or dementors)

You can now edit the position and delete points after one has been placed. You can now also edit the points after rendering the bezier curve.