Bezier curve

How do you make a bezier curve that you can move points around to edit it?

There isn't a Bezier feature in the paint editor, if that's what you're asking. Someday.

i ment a renderer, im making a custom vector editor

Ah. Not a graphics expert, sorry. Jens? Bernat? Joachim?

Bezier curves are kind of tricky, but this article did a good job explaining them.

i still dont know how to do it

I love bezier curves, but the thing is, you'd need a PJS code or block, and I dunno if you can use PJS in the Snap! code editor yet.

Correct me if I'm wrong-

What do you mean by PJS?

Processing JavaScript, I think you can use it for making graphics, shapes, and bezier curve and more.

which one


There are a lot of seacrches and idk which is processing javascript
And I thought you in school... How do you have time on snap?

I am. I have a class that makes me code on Snap.

Ohhhhhh so you do have CS

There can be only one type of Processing JS(at least I think), It's all the same thing. Just many websites.

Hmm I see:

  1. p5js
  2. a github repo
  3. wikipedia
  4. happy coding

which one is it?

that one, I'm sure.

hmm ok hey what a coincedence I have CS today too

or you can just make your own beizer curve block/method

i think (for a 3-point beizer curves) it works by using linear interpolation, you use lerp to get a point between the line between p1 and p2 and the line between p2 and p3, then you create a line between those two points and use lerp to a get a point in that line which is a point in the beizer curve might help. It uses a recursive helper for each point, and then combines those.