Bezier 2.0

All the improvements BH wanted

Yay! That's awesome.

give me moreeeeeee

How do I delete a point?

UHHHHHH. why would you need that

I made a mistake when adding a control point, so now I want to remove it.

remove it from the list named points

No no no you can't tell a user that! There has to be a way in the user interface. For example, just clicking on an existing point without dragging it could ASK AND WAIT "Delete this point?" Or alternatively, when you drag a point out past the edge of the stage, it disappears.

ill do that tom. ill make a trash can

click "d" to delete a point

Great project! Now, when I try to delete every point, I get this small glitch:

If there are no points, it shouldn't render.

pretty simple solution. dont delete all the points. if anyone wants to use the somehow you can make it not draw when length of points is 0


I think I'm not understanding how deletion is supposed to work.

Green flag:

Add point near bottom right:

Type D:

Green flag:

Add point near bottom right:

Decide I want the two control points in the other order (because I speak LTR :~) ):

Type D:

These are all to scale! Note how the two endpoints have been squished next to each other.

idk. it obviously can be made better. this wasnt supposed to be polished lol. if u want me to work on it i can

damn. i figured out why it wasnt working. i feel so stupid. i forgot snap doesnt run instantly even if it appears like it so when i was trying to delete the xy from the list i did
test bezier 2.0 script pic
instead of
test bezier 2.0 script pic (1)

:~) Cool.

We all have bugs...

how does this get featured lol. and my tic tac toe ai didnt

can you add it to games or computer science

Give me a link.