Better lists custom blocks (collab)

this was a collab with me and @sathvikrias

cool now lets wait for @bh to say that snaps lists are better

this still works with snap lists so they cant


also you can use reporter IF THEN ELSE to make it more concise.

What does it do?

It should handle "variable by name" but
better list library script pic


haha it seems like you already discussed

in a different topic

O, I get it now:

better list library script pic (1)

Apparently it works for global and sprite variables, but not for all variables.

The simplified version works for both cases.

Whats the point of the IF ELSE IF block if the bottom REPORT would still have LAST or RANDOM input in the slot?

You made some tests, I suppose?
untitled script pic (63)

Ohh wait you have to use the weird select arrow markers