Better iPad support

In my experience the Snap ! editor on iPad is unstable, both with Safari and e.g. Chrome. Sometimes it suddenly freezes. If you try to save the current state of a project (“Save”) a window will pop up: “Saving project to the cloud …”, but nothing actually happens. Many other menu options won’t even react to being touched. Function blocks can not be opened for editing. Script pic and some other functions will usually still be active. Sometimes, if you wait for an hour or so, the editor apparently unfreezes - the thing to do then is save the project and close the window, or even the entire browser.

Snap ! was built in JavaScript, which has the advantage that it is available on many platforms. IPad is a very popular platform, in my view it would help if the Snap ! development team could make Snap ! and iOS (?) more compatible than they are now.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, we want this too. One problem is that iOS is a moving target, and each new version is worse than the one before. Another problem is that touchpads have limited touch options; you can't right-click or shift-click etc. (Kind of ironic I think.) But Jens works on iPad support all the time.

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