BETA Testing Blocks!


Hello again! Today I have made blocks that can change how you code! Using this block:
image You can safely try running a script. You can also choose if you want the script to run.

Using this block:
image You can control previous versions of your scripts.

Using these blocks:
BETA Testing Blocks script pic
BETA Testing Blocks script pic (1)
You can Auto-Save your project!
Just Remember to add this so Auto-Saving works correctly:
NOTE: You should put this in the stage so the blocks will work better.

Use this to backpack a script:
and use this to open or delete a backpacked script:

NOTE: All information is in the project.

Please give credit or a little thanks in your project notes!

If you want to check this out, here is the link:

BETA Testing Blocks

Like the In development block - and nice touch with reporting the error :slight_smile:

Not convinced over the Run Version Control

For instance - I use browser storage for other things (Just tempoary inside my projects) but I don't bother cleaning them up so they are left lying around

And after I'd made a backup of my project, when I went to save it again I got this


Which are some of the object keys I use

You can just delete all of the presets of it and put the backup name :slight_smile:
EDIT: I can remove it if you want
EDIT2: I made it show only projects

That worked :slight_smile:


Do you like it now?

Hey, I added Auto-Saving, thought you might want to know that.

I don't think continuously saving is a good idea - takes up too much cpu/disk io :slight_smile:

Maybe once very 10/15 minutes would be good enough to give someone a recent backup to cope with computer crashes/browser lockups

Ill fix that. Ill do every 5 min.
EDIT: its done now

I made some custom blocks that I am still working on so there unpublished and one is autosave but it detects if you have unsaved changes. It also only asks to save every 3 mins which you can change to a time of your choice.

:rainbow_flag: Happy Pride Month! :rainbow_flag:

Mine auto-saves every five minutes without warning you.
Thats cool! You should have an option to turn it off. Speaking of which, im going to add that to mine!

I added an option to turn it on or off.

Hey, @cymplecy, I thought you might wanted to know that I added backpacking to my project.

Not at computer but will check it out later :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying to make time to check out my project. It tells me you would make a good friend :slight_smile:

Tried it out - good work :slight_smile:


Team work makes the dream work!

I mean, this isn't a collaboration...

Looked kind of like it you guys were working together on fixing something.

Oh, no. I was just telling them that I made an upgrade.

how do I get those block on my snap