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What is the purpose of the [scratchblocks]if <x::>::control[/scratchblocks] statement?

I'm pretty sure they copied Brian's code.

Well what was the purpose of Bh putting that there?

He just puts the if statement in his code to comment it out, outside of a custom block.

no. just didnt know how the style of block worked didnt know you didnt need it

Take everything out of the definition.

The if statement isn't needed because there is no condition that needs to be met first

What's up with the if?
"if false" should do nothing, why does it look like it's going to do something?

We're just saying that they don't need it at all, for that reason.

Best comment block:
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Do you attach a block comment to it?

Nope. You don't put inline comments in code! You attach a comment to the hat block of a procedure to provide user documentation.

Best separator block

I prefer this one: selected programming tools script pic (4)

sometimes, i used this one:
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I was thinking of attaching the comment to the [ // ] block. It would still make sense.

Sometimes I put a boolean operator that, if set to TRUE, will run the code inside the C-Shaped Command, and it helps me debug quite a lot.

so it's not a comment block, it's a debug block...

Pretty much.