Beginner Guide

i new here and i did't understand how to use this website. kindly provide any help full guide to use this website

Do you have any section in particular you need help with?

i am working on wordpress website and i want to create android app for my wordpress website but i am not good in coding so i want easy method to develop it.

I don’t know if you can do that with snap

I think the best you can do is export it to an exe using an unnoffical tool

Snap is only “supposed” (if you can put it like that) to be used for fast, streamlined coding with little limitations in a web browser

It’s not really ment to be used with a standalone app hence why there’s no converter

Also I don’t know how easy it would be to program something like that with the orientation

TLDR: it’s possible but not ideal

exe is for windows, not for for android
you should build an apk instead.

you could create a simple app and embed your snap project

you can detect that with the width and height blocks.

@danmars I suggest trying mit app inventor

I know that, I was saying you can’t export it as an apk so an exe is the best you can do

the best you can do is

probably using app inventor

Thank You for the suggestion, with the help of appinventor i created basic web view app for android. but i am confused when its comes to embed it as my snap project.

You can save your Snap! project to the cloud, share it, get the link, and put it in the HomeUrl box.