Become an art tracer game

Snap! Become an art tracer (

Have you ever wanted to become famous by stealing someone else's work? Don't actually answer that, that was a rhetorical question to instigate intrigue, interest, and incentive into the Internet user to investigate the innards of this interactive interest-stimulus.

This game is a (hand-made) port of a Scratch project I made. This is basically just osu! but not music based, as one insightful user once said. I'm pretty sure this game is so simple you can figure out how to play it just based on the name and what you're presented with. You just trace the drawing as accurately as you can in the time frame of nine seconds. I should probably add more complicated drawings to make the game more challenging.

This concept as an AI would be interesting. Just imagine pattern recognition and such.

It is funny but too hard to complete :smiley:

if you dont do everything you get 100%

I would like this type of game as an online multiplayer game.

So the concept is that one person out of 5 people have to draw a picture but that one person has to do so blindly. They can't see what they are drawing. After they are done, the other 4 have to guess what the picture is.

There is a commercial application: Drawfull