Be able to put variables in more blocks

(I was very mad when I wrote this)
[very overheated]
in previous versions, you could put variables in [big]way[/big] more things. (e.g. the key [] pressed block)
now you have to run/call it with the input. please allow variables in more things!
[/very overheated]

yes, we limited the places in which you can drop reporters, because we'd missed some in the past. Those that we've disabled now should only be used with the dropdown, because their content is evaluated differently and mostly not a normal text, or one that is translated to whichever language the Snap! IDE is set to. For example, the "space" key is only named that way in English. We believe that limiting those read-only slots prevents people from accidentally dropping reporters into slots and then having to undo them.

Yes, you can still use the - somewhat kludgy - CALL with input pattern if you wish to query for a set of possible keys. But in most cases you might really just query them directly.

I use variables in the "key [] pressed" block so I can do "key (shift) pressed" (or tab, enter, backspace and special keys)

It has been re-enabled in the dev version

where do I get the dev version?

(It could contain experimental features)

i can't put the variables in the key [] pressed? still there

Yes, I noticed that, too.

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