Battle brothers

i wanted to make a hoi4 inspired game, which takes place in the napoleon wars era, and i need your help since im lazy

creating provinces
creating flags
making diplomacy
making military stuff
making research
making country AI

the team:

1 follow snap TOS and guildlines
2 only add stuff listed in the tasks
3 dont vandalize this

thats all for now

Very interesting. One question: How do you make a post into a "wiki"?

OK, maybe please stop playing around with that post because that's off-topic.

hey guys this post originally said "Click the edit button." but i just came here to say i hope you have a wonderful day :)

You too!


skibidi sigma ohio pizza tower gyatt banban tadc, what am i even doing


my guy what does that mean???? tpot is the best show ever btw :3

Piracy is bad, kids! And Steam Unlocked is a malware-infested horrible place!

? I don't get it. I said HOW, I already know that anyone can edit a "wiki" post, I just want to know how to make a "wiki" post.

... $$\to$$ :wrench: $$\to$$ Make wiki

Ah, thanks.

@bluebaritone21 Ok. Used that help you gave to create a topic.