BAT - Build AnyThing

BAT will be for Snap!

if anyone wants to help, Reply

Is it like windows .bat (batch) files?

no, You know how Snap is Build your own blocks (BYOB.)

well Snap+ is Build anything (BAT)

Just make Snap+ and call it a Modded version of Snap!.

tahst da ppan


Do you mean "taste the pan"?

"That's the plan"

Will this be a rewrite of Snap! or a browser extension/userscript?

Technically it would most likely be another OS of Snap!

That doesn't answer the question.

lol i mean thats the point


No I mean which one will it be?

well idk. its a project rn but in the future. yes it will be a full program

Is BAT dead?

Sorry - Snap+. Is Snap+ dead?

It would seem so, judging by the fact that no updates has been released and the topic is dead.

Oh ok.

It's not clear what you want new.

yea it is