BART Departures

i'd like to share my program BART_Departures. given a starting origin station, the program will show what trains are departing from that station - it displays the destination and the length of each train (number of cars) and the estimated time of departure in minutes from now.
here are a few screenshots:

Select your starting point:

list of departing trains

you can obtain a free apikey from BART Legacy API | Bay Area Rapid Transit
the program uses only the commands STNS (get stations) and ETD (get estimated departure times) but more commands are available from

here's the xml file (i can't upload?)
(how do i upload my program - i forgot)
it's available as a public project (look for bart_departures)

This looks really cool!

You can share a project from the open or save as menu, then post the link here.

i suppose i save in the cloud and share the link - let me try that.
like this?

get a working apikey from BART Legacy API | Bay Area Rapid Transit

Ooh does this mean we're neighbors?

(I guess I'm not supposed to ask that, but you posted your approximate location, and I'm not asking for anything more precise.)

you can't possiblty conclude that - i picked that station out of the blue! although there's a good chance i'd more likely pick any station from daly city to embarcadero than any other.

Oh, I just meant, you live in the Bay Area.

yes! hi, neighbor!