this is a music library for beginners

i got the name from its color, which was green, and since vomit is mostly depicted as green, i named it 'barf-music' (its not a music library about making music with barf sounds, tho it would be very funny)

Good one, good one, this is cool and noice. :+1:

By the way, why there are only 9 notes in total?

those are the only ones i could implement

because i cant put more than 9, its complicated to code

What does "Barf" mean?

You should add silent note (maybe note 0?)

You could simplify the code in note and music block like this:

note block

barf-music script pic (2)
barf-music script pic

music block


barf-music script pic (1)

barf is in the name because of the color

also i realy like your reworks

also, notes that arent in the range of 1 to 9 are silent

barf is when you feel sick and eject things out of your mouth