@bh Please run the project cause I put you as the ban user. Make sure your in editor with JS enabled! You can change the user to your user if you would like.

banned is the adjective.

You can easily spoof your username with

world.children[0].cloud.username = '<username>';

You should instead use this to get the username:

    ({ username }) => console.log(username), //or whatever
    error => { throw error; }

I'm not going to spoof my username.

I meant to reply to @earthrulerr

Wdym by spoof.

They mean change the username property of the cloud object so that the setting [User v] reporter reads a different username.

I would like to use Cloud vars but do not know how to make them or were to get them. I found some but idk if I can use them.

Why are you making all this stuff? Crashing computers, ban testing... What?

Yeah, I agree. @earthrulerr, grow up.

Maybe he wants to ban certain people and crash their computers?

look at this @bh
test 10
also it won't crash anything. I have tried everything but nothing will crash.

We’ll ban testing was a idea from the Classtime project actually.

I wanted to ban my brother from my projects. Also it does not ‘kill/crash’ your device but on devices such as iPad or Phones it lags like crazy.

Ideas for both from Classtime.

it did not lag for my iPad

Did for mine and my step sister’s. Oh well it’s useless also I think the ban thing is ok.

:confused: I got the ideas from this in the ‘Kill Computer’ block and got the ban idea from it to. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Sigh. We are about sharing, collaboration, openness. If you're mad at your brother, go find some environment that's about competition and meanness, and fight him there, please.

Lol ok I’ll leave him alone….. for now.

Like twitter. (Although I wouldn't advise joining twitter for this same reason.)