Automatic decompressing of sounds

I currently have to put the sound in a Scratch project, convert the project with Snapinator, export the sound from that project and import it where I want it. Please make this simpler?
If you try to import a compressed sound, it just plays nothing and says that the length is zero.

What compressed sound format are you using, and what browser/OS?

.wav + Windows10 Edge, Chrome version detected.

Umm WAV is not a compressed format; it's just the samples and I think a header with the sample rate and stuff. So whatever problem you're having isn't about compression.

Will your browser read WAV files in other web sites?

I just tried importing a wav and an mp3 file on my Windows 10/Edge and they work fine

I think @silver_star is talking about Scratch .wav files, which I heard are not standard .wav files

Just tried recording me speaking in Scratch and exported it and it imported fine into Snap!

The pictures tell a story:

Screenshot 2021-04-08 163414

Screenshot 2021-04-08 163737

Screenshot 2021-04-08 163758

Can you post a link to the original 17 Penny Lane source file that doesn't work when you import it into Snap!

How do I do that?
Only with email

Can you put it on somewhere like Dropbox?


It's a file sharing site/application

Lets try this a different way - did you download the original file from somewhere? Can you post a link to that place?



EDIT: Penny Lane on Scratch (

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