Auto write sheet music

sheet script pic
can you technically write sheet music using something like this

You mean to sing and turn it into a piece of music?

thats horrible. im saying if im playing piano it will write the sheet music of the song im playing

That's hard or impossible. Maybe find some AI sites to convert piano sheets to notes?

im wondering if we can do it on snap.

sheet (WIP) script pic

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "sheet music" as sheet music is a visual representation for music, which includes the staves, notes, time signature, tempo markings, measures, etc. not just the note name.

If you're saying the note name can help create sheet music, then yeah, it could, as the note name includes whether it's sharp or flat, and the octave. Whereas a midi note number only contains it's pitch.


This is something Alan Kay did at PARC a gazillion years ago. The hard part isn't anything about the notation; it's that human pianists don't get the timing precise to the millisecond, and so the program has to figure out what the person meant to play.

It's not just human fallibility, as that paragraph suggests; great musicians deliberately play a little differently from what the sheet music implies, to enhance the character of the piece. More so in jazz, less so in classical, but to some extent in every genre.

So, yes, it could in principle be done in Snap!, but it'd be a huge project and probably too slow to be practical.