Authenticate w/ Scratch

Check out the project here.

To authenticate, go to and comment your code, then press the "commented" checkbox in the project.

If you're interested in using this tool in your projects, export it and include it as the first scene in your project. But a note about security -- this isn't secure, because anyone can just change the "logged-in" details. There's a basic security measure of making sure the username matches the ID, but that can obviously be skipped by a clever code editor. Also, although collision is highly unlikely (1 out of 3.48e5, roughly equivalent to 0.0003%), it is possible, because codes are chosen randomly. Collision probability can also be decreased by adding additional words/numbers as part of the code.

Pretty cool! I like this project, would be useful for...okay nevermind I don't know what this project would be useful for. I'll try experimenting with it.

Cool! (Also, haha 69 projects on Scratch. Nice.)

"If you're us, what number are we thinking of?" :~)

I'm not us :rofl:

It's from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Bangin movie, 100/10 recommend. Very iconic, very good message.

"The colour is just the same as its name, just like a Lemon."

He's not wrong though...

The movie, not the show :~)