August 2023 TOTM

Hi! I have an idea for the August 2023 TOTM: Binary.
basically, you have to create a project that has something to do with bits and bytes.

  • A text to binary converter
  • A game about changing bits to fix "bugs" that are blocking your path (that one actually sounds really good I might do that.)
  • Or maybe a project discussing the origin of binary!

@jadga Can this be the august 2023 TOTM?
Please reply with any suggestions you might have!

That would seem to be a good topic :slight_smile:

i like binary stuff, this would be perfect for me

Not my department, you mean @jadga.


hehe already got a project

haha i think ive alr seenn that project

Jup, we can do that!
Get your projects ready until Tuesday :wink:


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