Augmented reality

With the Scratch program it is possible to interact with augmented reality. Do you know if this is possible with SNAP?

What’s an augment? I looked it up and still do not get it. I’m from the US btw.

you mean video sensing? You can do that with snap too.

Here's a translation of scratch's blocks to snap

[offtopic] I'm just noticing how large scratch 3.0 blocks are [/offtopic]

now, face sensing, in scratch lab, idk how to do that in snap. I think it might use js, but I also think you can write it in snap (since in snap, you can grab the video snap (image) and then run through a complicated algorithm to do face sensing, but it would be faster with js)

Thank you very much!!!

@jens We should maybe get some version of Ken's work in as a library?

I boldly agree!

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