Audio not working on my end

I am working on my assignment using "Snap!" but every time I try to listen to the audio, it won't let me. Others that have access to the link can hear the code perfectly. It seems to be just on my end.

I tried restarting my laptop. I also moved the code around to see if there might've been a glitch. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be working.

Does anyone have any ideas?

What is your project?

Could you clarify this part? Do you get an error message, or do you just not hear the sound. Also, which browser, and what sound format (.mp3, .aac, .wav, etc.)?

is your volume on mute? did you mute the snap tab? did you allow snap to play audio?

This is the code.

There is no error message when running the code. I just cannot hear the audio on my end. It starts playing the code where the sprite is supposed to say a few words then continue on to saying the audio.

For this project, I am using Safari. Keep in mind, when I started this project, everything was working perfectly fine. I started the project out on Safari as well. Everything just happened out of nowhere.

I happen to use another laptop I have in my house, but it still has the same problem. What is weird is that I sent the link to my teacher and she says it is working on her end.

Also, the sound format is mp3.

Yeah, my volume is all the way up. No tabs were muted. Snap was always allowed to play the audio, it just stopped out of nowhere.

Here is the code:*1

Update: I just tried the audio on Google Chrome and it worked! Thank you so much for giving me an idea to try another browser! Your help is greatly appreciated.

Update: I got it fixed! I just had to use another browser on another laptop. I will see if the other browser can work on the laptop I was using at first.

oh, yeah. I remember seeing somewhere that they haven't yet got sound to work in safari.

Huh. You learn something every day.

The PLAY FREQUENCY blocks at the end of the Sounds menu do work in Safari, for what that's worth.

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