Audio kinda has some painful bugs though, not gonna lie

Sound blocks no longer function properly on Safari, Device is running IPadOS 14.2 “Clicking sound” still plays, sometimes before the sound just failed entirely, enabling this and then triggering the click sound to play fixed audio not working in previous versions, this does not seem to work anymore.
Also, a fix for the stop frequency block and just the play frequency block in general failing and causing all sound to fail playing on devices outside safari (such as a Reset Audio option) would be a nice addition to stop said issue from occurring.

This has been an problem for mobile.
Scratch knows the secret to this
They work well with audio on mobile

Ask Scratch then!

Do I look like a scratch team member

I mean, if Scratch knows how to fix this, and the Snap! team are supposedly friendly with the Scratch team, then why don't they ask for their help in fixing this?

ASK @bh

Yeah we'll get there.

how does scratch do it? have you found out?

I'm pretty sure they just use html audio. btw, the scratch 3.0 source code is available on github, and here's the code for playing audio ( sounds, instruments and audio effects)

Maybe it's a problem with Safari adding vendor prefixes (webkitAudioContext instead of AudioContext?

Here is a good source