Audio comp: plot sound

The plot sound block in the audio comp library doesn't plot/work anymore.

Even with js enabled?

The JavaScript function reporter is not used in the plot sound block. The block works for me.

Can you show us a screenshot of what you get?

Nothing: Javascript enabled/disabled. Used audio from standard audio library. I'm getting no error messages/warnings. It's for a project called moon bounce...calculate the distance to the moon. For what's worth it a screenshot

does running the block do anything?

No nothing happens when clicking the block. Did switch from browser

uh... idk... could it be a problem inside the block?

Could be @ego-lay_atman-bay, but the block works for @snapenilk.

the block works for me too.

What device are you using and what browser?

Hi Hans, I've just checked, and the plot block does work for me, but looking at its code I've also noticed that it only works with mono-sounds. When you import external sounds make sure they're either mono (not stereo), or only plot one of the two (of 4 + 1, haha!) channels. Does that help?

That helps @jens...I will give it a try.

I sang a song and recorded it...don't worry attachments not included. Clicking the block...nothing happend. Since I am the only one having problems with this block...have to...yes what system MacOS BigSur 11.4...browser Chrome 91.0.4472.114

sounds do not work at all for me.

can you perhaps send me the project, or a link to it? I'd love to investigate....

The link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Same but it works when I use my PC, it doesn’t work when I’m on iPad which I am most of the time. Sound does not work on my iPad 7th Generation on Safari Chrome. But works on my Windows 10 Lenovo Microsoft Edge Laptop.

Ah, found the bug!

The "plot sound" block assumes that the stage is named "Stage", whereas in Dutch it's "Speelveld". Haha! If you changed the stage's name to "Stage", or - better! - edit the pot block and replace "width of stage" with "width of (my stage)" - as I've already done in most places, but missed a few - it will work.

Sorry for the hassle and thanks for the report!

huh? it works with stereo sounds just fine (sort of)