Attribute reporter / language change

When using the attribute reporter for the stage and you change the language setting, the attribute label is translated, but not the object name (stage). After changing the language the attribute value is empty.
After changing language to german:
The attribute reporter doesn't report the size of the stage anymore. In order to get the correct result you have to change the object name to "Bühne" manually.

Yeah, this has been reported before. I think it's already fixed in the dev version.

Thank you for the report!
Turns out this is actually not a bug. The Stage's name - like any Sprite's name - does not get translated when switching languages, because you might reference it elsewhere. Only when you create a new project or scene will the default names be in whichever language you've chosen. If you would like to reference the stage not by its name but by its role you can use the my "stage" reporter for this. I often use this mechanism when I make libraries that I want to use in different projects which might have different names for their stages.

That said there was a bug in v7.0.0 which accidentally did translate the stage's name. This has been addressed in v7.0.3.