Attempting to draw picture using dots

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What's problem you are encountering?
I'm trying to re-create this image from my CS course and I'm having a lot of trouble doing it. I've been messing around with it for around an hour or so using the mod operator and random division with the x position but I can't get it to even get the x position math correctly.

What have you tried that didn't work?
I've tried doing round((x-pos/25)) and then using the mod(2) block to check if its an even number which didn't work either. I've tried doing the same thing but with x-pos/5 instead of x-pos/25 and that didn't work either.

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

Thank you for being honest about it being schoolwork. :~)

What you've tried sounds good to me. Could you post a link to your non-working project?

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