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Hi I'm having issues with my assignment
If I want to do a code that can search my list and replace some parts of it,. What should I do?

  • Delete items whose expiration date exceed one month
  • Exit
    This is the part I'm working with right now
  • Search function for PRODUCT [(search product you need) and (search Expired product)]
  • Replace or ament BALANCE QUANTITY, QUANTITY (for Old Product)
  • Delete expired product ( delete only quantity and balance quantity )
    [Quantity must be 0 for expiry products, 0 to represent delete]
  • Exit ( exit inventory )
    This part is based on my understanding for the section above

This is the link to the assignment

Hi, welcome to the forum!

I don't understand exactly what you're asking. Do you want to know which of those bulleted tasks you should include in your program? Or how to code one of them? Or something else?

The search function for the list block created and I want to replace both quantity and balance quantity from the list when the product has expired

Oh. Let's say it's item 12 of the database you want to zero out. You'd say

Thank you so much, I understand it now

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