Ask me anything

Ask me anything i will answer it truthfully unless it is unethical or violates my privacy

EDIT: i will allow the asking of age and other personal info but it cant be too personal
i said this because i am BoReD

Why did you choose "oofpaste249" as your username?

Here is a hint:


What's your profile picture? Is it a cat?

because i saw oofpaste on youtube like 3 years ago and somehow i still remember it so i decided to name myself it. i found the numbers because i was just thinking of some numbers to put on the end and it sounded cool so thats what i did

yes my profile picture is a cat that i edited to make it look like it is right now

If no one has any other questions then i will delete the topic so that it wont be in the way and people cant comment on it so it will for real be deleted

Interesting story!

Do you know what matrix multiplication is? (I do, but I want to know if you do)

Hi I wonder how can you set loops of shape whenever user input??

have you heard of and/or used scratch? because :snap: is based of scratch

This was flagged as off-topic, but the trouble with this thread is that nothing is off-topic to "ask me anything." :~/

I have absolutly no idea qhat matrix multiplication is

Yes i know what scratch is, I used to use it and sometimes i still do but ive decided to switch to snap mostly because it is just my type of coding

i didnt flag it just so you know so it was someone else not me :sweat_smile:

The developers can see who flagged what post.

oh.. ok

@oofpaste249 Some questions:

What do you think your best project you ever made is?

What do you think about DevSquare?

my best project that i have made is probably Pixel Platformer
if you want i can post the link to the game

sorry about being this uncultured but what is DevSquare

It's my own game engine.

alright i will try it out can you send me the link