“Ask” block stack blocks

The new function

So imo (might be bias) the “ask “ block should change how stack blocks behave in a weirdly good way
It would work like this block I made a while ago

Accept instead of having a ring to put the input inside you literally do this
Currently the blocks in the stack run without anything special

But, what would happen to the old block?

As with most of my suggestions to avoid the snap devs needing to add a detector to if an ask block has scripts in it and replace it with its workaround
Snap in snap script pic 2
The old block could just me moved to dev mode like what will happen with the continuation blocks in 9.0, and then replace the old blocks spot with the new one, and to avoid overlap the new block could instead be named
Snap in snap script pic 3
That’s different from the current
Snap in snap script pic 4
Ik it’s a stupid distinction between the 2 but Ik how snap can get when there’s 2 identically named blocks

tangent about by I make so many suggestions

Sorry that I’m posting so many ideas recently. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that every time I come up with something original or convenient I need to post it, if suggestion hubs where allowed I’d definitely post them all there instead of multiple fourm posts

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