Ask Block Bug

problems with editor when running ask block in fullscreen then switching to editor

  1. Chromium Edge For Windows 10
  2. all projects using the ask block
  3. run the ask block in fullscreen mode then exit fullscreen to open the editor
  4. Makes it look Crazy
  5. Make it close ask prompt when switching to editor
    EDIT: does not happen on mobile safari

I am unable to reproduce this bug.

Works for me in Firefox and Chrome on Mac.

[edit as I I wasn't fully awake and didn't pay full attention to the whole screen!]

Stage seems to have shifted across the screen

Win 10/Chrome and Win10/Vivaldi both show same effect

Tested on Vivaldi/Raspberry Pi and its fine on that system

cannot reproduce on Chrome in Windows 10

I do not even understand what you mean by "Makes it look Crazy"!

Exactly what I see when I do it