Ask a variable of another sprite


The following script does not work because when I ask the value of the Vx or Vy variable of another sprite, it answers nothing. The same work on a smaller example. The script is there

Hi, welcome to the forum!

In your code you have
Ballons script pic

But in the palette it looks like this:
Ballons script pic (1)
because that second input has to be an expression that the other sprite will evaluate. But you just have a call to Vx, and in Snap! all the inputs are evaluated before a block is called. So essentially you're just doing
or whatever this sprite's Vx is.

So what you want is
Ballons script pic (2)

Argh, Thanks. The grey box is a "quote"!!! In fact it is hard to put something inside the grey box.

And your answer was very quick.

Just another question: I find snap a bit slow on that example. Am I doing something wrong ?

I answer myself, turbo mode get you reasonable speed.

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