Articulations in TuneScope

Is it possible to do articulations, such as accent and marcato in the tunescope library? What I'm really asking is, is there a way to shape a note in the TuneScope library. I am open to a javascript solution (because I'm modifying the library, including the js, to add more stuff).

That's an aspirational goal for TuneScope, but it's not something the library can currently handle.

We've barely scratched the surface of the Web Audio API capabilities. If you're interested, I'll link the documentation for it below. Ultimately, we'd love to get to the point where we can do exactly what you're describing. Up until now though, most of our energy has been spent on issues related to timing and sequencing.

Currently, we're working on a MIDI parser that can run in Snap and communicate directly with the Tune Scope blocks. Once that is done, we'll likely go back to looking at more advanced functionality.

If you do find a way of implementing this, I'd be very interested in seeing your results.

Web Audio API

Thanks. I did create some kind of articulations, I created a block that plays a note staccato or legato (staccato is just the length of the note cut in half). Since there's the pitch bend function, I may try to add a block to use that.

Also, isn't it the WebAudioFont library?

If you're curious, here's my version of the TuneScope library that I'm working on Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

The WebAudioFont library is a collection of samples that we use for the various instruments. The library itself relies on the Web Audio API to actually play the samples. The font library is relatively limited, and a lot of the samples aren't that great, but the API has some very powerful capabilities.

And thanks. I may not get a chance to take a look at that until the weekend, but I'll definitely check it out.

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