Art Request: New OC

So, later on, I'm going to have a new racoon OC that is cute. So, I wanted to have that OC as Ten the skunk's friend. So, the racoon OC name is 6044 (Six Thousand Forty-Four).

Can someone make some art for my new racoon OC? It must:

  1. Be a racoon.
  2. Wearing green t-shirt.

That art would be used as a prototype and will be redesigned by me to make the acctual OC.
Good luck!

6044 the Camel?

I'm going to deprecate that OC and going to replace it with a racoon, although this hasn't been made yet.

I see. It'll be sad to see him go.

Here's my take of the new racoon OC:

What's your take? (Make sure it's similar to the picture above and not so different, don't add accessories).

depends what your looking for. before i moved to coding on snap i was a pretty popular animator on scratch. while designing OC's a lot of things came into account. do you plan on animating with it? do you ever plan to repose it? what art software's do you have access to?

Probably, if I have an idea, may make an animation. I'm able to repose it. I use Scratch vector editor for this (though using TurboWarp).

yeah dont.

What's going on? Why don't?

why would you animate with snap

It's super cool, and I cannot believe. Probably because I haven't made an animation in Snap! yet...

use something like procreate

My friend says it costs money to get this app, and it cannot create vector images (AFAIK).

yeah but its well worth the money

My mom has Procreate, and it isn't that great.