Art & Music - Module 6 (Fall 2022)

The second module in the music sequence introduces rhythm:

Here is my motif with a synchronized drum track: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I think adding another track with more brass or another instrument could really fill out the sound and complete this track, but the drums do add an important layer.

For this assignment I played with different drum patterns after constructed the melody with my previously created motif. I started with one drum pattern but noticed if I added multiple I could get a more complex sound. I ended up adding three different drum patterns which include a closed hi-hat, a bass drum, and a mid tom. The hi-hat and bass have alternate drum patterns whereas the mid tom somewhat overlaps the bass.

I really enjoyed your main motif, even by itself. The choice of the French horn makes it sound like even more of a melody rather than just notes put together. I think the addition of the multiple drum patterns created complexity and I liked the single appearance of the cabasa on every third note.
This is the link to my 8th assignment. I ended up using 4 drumming patterns being the open and closed hi-hat, mid tom, and bass drum.

I really liked the way you incorporated your melody and your drumming patterns, the way the electric bass synchronizes with the drum beat without making the drum seem like a secondary instrument!
This is my motif with a drum track. I used three different drums. I didn't have a plan going into this project, but just experimented with what instruments were available.

I really liked how you used a variety of drums and the different beats work really well with your motif and the tempo! Good job!
This is my baby frog motif from the last assignment with three different drum tracks added.

I really like the way it sounds - it's very groovy! The instruments you chose give the motif a fun, electric feel, and the drums really keep the music moving.

For this week, I added the a drum pattern to last week's Runaway motif. I decided to speed it up even more and change the instrument to "Shakuhachi." No idea what that instrument is, but it sounded cool once it actually played. I then added some bass & snare drum beats, along with a little open hi-hat.

This is a cute little tune! It has a nice happy vibe to it.

For this week, I created a new motif with an electric guitar and a base beat with three different types of drums.

@jadaseam cool beat! The Shakuhachi sounds very cool and the drums are overlayed perfectly to keep a steady, fun rhythm.

A simple beat added with my original motif at a slightly higher BPM

Here is my week 8 assignment, I am looking to add more to my musical sound.

The off beat snare drum really added a lot, great work!

Snap! DrumToMyMotif (

This is my motif with some drum added (and some other fun)

My notes are in the project notes!

Really creative how you combined the tracks, sounds like its turning into a complex but engaging musical work. Can't wait to see how you develop this in the future and incorporate some movement with it.

For this project I wanted to create a sound that had both drums and a piano that would make a catchy rhythm while challenging myself to make a drum pattern for both the drum and the piano in one circle.