Art & Music: Module 4

Here is the fourth module in the spring Art & Music course:

The image on the left is a photograph of a window box with flowers. The image on the right is an impressionist painting of the flowerbox created through a technique known as pointillism. This method creates a painting by placing tiny dots on the canvas to create an impression of the original painting.

Impressionist Simulation

In the previous module (Module 4: Jackson Pollock), dots were placed across the stage to create a polka dot background. The same method can be used to create an impressionist painting.

Cool, I made a pointillism converter!

Here is my impressionist painting of the panda with the pearl earring through a technique known as pointillism. I was able to use the sprite to go to a random position, reflect the color from the image I imported, and draw a dot on the stage.

Hi everyone! I made an impressionist painting of a picture I took during a study abroad trip in Australia using the pointillism technique we learned in class last week. I chose this picture because I felt the bright colors and large building structures would pop out nicely in an impressionist style piece.

I like it!

Here's my pointillist painting!: I used a sprite to go random positions and reflect the color from the image that I selected to appear on the stage so that I was able to replicate art in this style:

this is so beautiful !

Hey guys here are my pointillist paintings. I made the first one with a picture of Venice, the second one an idyllic European town, and the last one our Rotunda, with a pen sizes of 5,3, and 5 respectively.

Those are wonderfully beautiful pictures Wait! Don't I know some of these places? The one with the river looks a lot like Colmar, and the other one also is somehow reminiscent of Alsace is that right?

There is a full stop after pictures.


thank you so much for your kind words :relaxed: they absolutely made my day! and yes they are indeed Colmar and Alsace :))

Hi everyone! Here's my impressionist painting that I made of the rotunda during the summer! I liked it because the colors are so bright since it was taken in July!

Hi everyone, I made an impressionist style painting of my brother's dog Hobbs using a pointillism technique. I made the pen size 1 and placed random dots over and over again until it good to me.

Here's the project:

Hello! My impressionist work is with a landscape picture that had a lot of beautiful colors. By changing the sizes of the dots, I realized how different the same picture can look.

I made a pointillist painting of me and my friends in New York. I chose this picture because I wanted to see how well I could recognize their faces even if they were made of many dots.

Hello! This is the impressionist painting I made with Snap! I wanted to capture a moment in time, much like impressionist paintings do. I decided to include people in this painting, and I think it came out well! I used this picture because it is a nice picture of human connection and had bright colors.

Hi all,

Here is an impressionist painting of the Tagus River in Lisbon, Portugal. I varied the pen size several times to see which one looked best and eventually settled on a size of 3. I felt this style of art works really well with the blend of bright colors and water.

Hi everyone! This is my impressionist painting of a photograph I took of Niagara Falls a few years ago. I settled on a pen size of 5 for my dots as it gave the clearest picture. I really like how this turned out because I think the colors show really well.

Here are the links for my pointillist art:

I used a size 5 pen for this Virginia Beach picture and randomized where the dots were placed. I really liked this pen size for this picture and thought it highlighted the glare on the water well.

I used a size 3 pen for this picture of my grandma's house. I was interested to see how the smaller pen size could highlight the more detailed picture and really loved how this came out in the end.

I also used a size 3 pen for this project. And, I utilized the same quadrant tool I used in assignment 3 to make the pen put extra detail just over the people in the picture. I chose this picture because, due to Covid, my friend and I have missed going to the cherry blossom festival for the past two years (and it would have been this past weekend). I really enjoyed how this one came out as well.