Art & Music (Fall 2022) - Music and Animation

This week students will be creating either an art or music assignment as a continuation of Module 8, Musical Notes and Scales.

I chose the art assignment to incorporate moving parts and sound effects. I was inspired by sushi conveyor belt restaurants so the plates move across the customers and as they pass they each eat the food. I used a biting sound effect when the food went to their mouth, and a background restaurant sound effect. I made the pieces of food that were being eaten separate sprites that were attached to a plate sprite so the pieces of food could move separately when picked up by the customer. I added the dessert cart at the end so I could create the moving wheels effect.

Here is my variation song. I didn't have any particular music goal for this project, I just wanted to create different variations of notes to make a melody sound good.

I really like the art in your assignment, it looks like it took a lot of time and effort into making it all so detailed. Good job!

For this weeks assignment I chose to create an animation. I created two fish to swim across the screen and a jelly fish to float upward.

The fish swim from one side of the stage to the other while their back and side fin flap, their eyes blink, and bubbles come out of their mouth along with bubble noises. In addition, the fish are randomly placed at a y-position after each crossing of the stage and they are programmed to appear smaller as the y position increases and bigger while it decreases to give more depth to the animation.

The jellyfish swims from the bottom to the top of the stage at a random x position each time. The jellyfish's tentacles move up and down to simulate a propelling motion along with a synchronized squelching sound.

For this week, I created a record player with a moveable needle and turntable. When the green flag is clicked, the needle moves onto the turn table and plays a needle drop sound effect. Then, the song "Love and Happiness" by Al Green plays from the vinyl record (accompanied by music notes and spinning colors).

All of the elements in this are really cool! I love how smooth the jellyfish's movement is, it really looks like it's floating and swimming.

This project is so creative! All of the elements and colors work perfectly together and the record player is drawn so well. I also love the music, it even sounds like it's coming out of a record player. Good job!

This is my assingnment for this week, I created a motif using the MIDI keyboard and then played around with transposing it, rotating the melody, and reversing it. I've attached notes to the different play buttons so you can play around with the different sounds as well

Here is my week 11 assignment with the notes to describe the scenery.

Here is my implementation of a little mini game using the micro:bit! The user presses the flag to start and then can replay as many times as they want using the space bar. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

This project was awesome! I really liked the art style.

I'm really impressed with this project. It is really aesthetically pleasing and the visuals and music worked really seamlessly together. Good job!

This is my assignment for this week, I chose to do the art portion and created three figures that walk across the street.

I really like this project. The color, the music, the turntable, everything fits together really well!

Snap! Ferris Wheel With Moving Carts and Riders (

This is my project. (Warning, I made voices for this project and they might be loud) My notes on the design and thoughts are in the project notes section.

I really like how chaotic this project is. I saw it and instantly started laughing. Not sure if that's what you were going for, but I certainly enjoyed it. The DVD symbol bouncing around also gave me a good trip down memory lane.

My project is designed to give an arcade feel recreating the leap frog game.