Art & Music (Fall 2022) - Module 10

This week, we are exploring game design and creating custom songs with lyrics in Snap!.

My current Work-In-Progress. Sorry to Isaac, as the game shares your name - I'm creating a game that bears much similarity to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. However, given I have a week to make this, I'm obviously not recreating the entire game. My plan is to recapture the basic movement/attack feeling (as demo'd in the link below), while changing the core goal to make it more arcade-y, where the player must progress through 7 floors of increasingly challenging bosses, and the player must defeat all seven in order to win. Most of the fun in the game, however, comes from random items that improve your character, which I hope to recreate in part with a sample of 20-30 items, maximum.

Update: I'm getting issues with the longer song (basement) playing, where it seems to get some kind of lag/tearing as the program goes on. In addition, there seems to be some issues with the looping of it.

Controls aren't listed in-game yet, but it's WASD movement (W: Up, S: Right, S: Down, D: Left) and Arrow keys for attacks (self-explanatory as to how that works)

Here is the link to my game, "Jumpin Jelly". The objective of the game is to avoid the edges of the stage and the angry fish. After pressing the green flag, press the space bar to make the jelly fish float upwards. If the jelly fish touches the top or bottom of the stage or hits the angry fish, you lose. If you successfully avoid the edges and fish 5 times you win!

I also made it so that you can adjust the fish swimming speed and length of the game with the variables "Fish Swim Speed" and "Points Needed to Win". Set "Fish Swim Speed" to a lower number to make the fish swim faster (making the game harder) or "Points Needed to Win" to larger number to make the game longer.

This is my piano tiles game. Currently, the game is 18 notes long (the length of the song I intend to add to the game). Every few notes, the game will speed up, a missed clicked note will result in a game over.

It could just be my computer acting weird, but the space bar is not working to make the jelly fish move upwards. I really like the concept and the artwork!

For this assignment I created a game similar to the concept of flappy bird. The user clicks the space bar repeatedly to keep the character between the upper and lower obstacles. As she moves, she also collects candy pieces. Each piece collected increases the score by one. If she makes it to the end without hitting the obstacles a "you win!" screen appears, if she touches the obstacles the game is over. The character's movement is a bit laggy but I'm not sure how to fix this.

sidenote: Also, when you click on the link I noticed you have to click the screen first before the space bar works.

This game is so cute ! I love the visuals and I think the adjustments are a really nice touch. The Game Over title also makes it looks really legit, good job!

Here is my game fo assignment 12 called Mario Catch. The mechanics of this game is simple, use the left or right arrow key to move the mario along and the aim of this game is to collect as many mushrooms as you can. Each mushroom is worth different point so it is best to prfioritize, blue is worth 1, pink 5, red 10, green 15, and the star being worth 50. There are two ways you can lose the game, either more than 20 mushrooms fall to the ground or you collect 2 goombas (brown character).

When you click into the link, be sure to click the green flag, then the game window, and then the space bar to start the game.

I really like your flappy-bird remake and how the character even blinks when you hit space. Side note, I think its definitely my laptop but it feels a little laggy/delayed. Overall, good-job!

The Mario game is terrific. We appreciated the detailed project notes.

One possible refinement - it might be useful to put the controls that set the game speed in a central location. This would enable the difficulty of the game to be adjusted depending on the skill of the player.

You have to go into the actual code view to play it. Sorry about that!

The game emulates flappy bird so well and the artwork is so adorable. Good job!

Snap! Car Game (

This is my game, had it done but forgot to post. I hope you guys enjoy the base of my game which I hope to build a lot in the next weeks!

I really appreciated the art style of this game with the similar mechanics to flappy bird. The aesthetic is very interesting and much cleaner than something like that game! It looks like you put a ton of effort into this and I had a blast playing it.

Here is the link to my game. It is very similar to the google dinosaur game but in a fantasy setting. Press the space bar or the up arrow to jump over the flames. I intend to add more levels for my final project