Art & Music (Fall 2022) - Capstone Project Proposal

Post your capstone project proposal for the course here!

For my capstone project, I think I will be making a story made up of different scenes and animations (similar to a choose your own adventure) or an extended version of my current game.

For my choose your own adventure project, it will be made up of a variety of scenes and sequences that players can choose from. It will either by in the form of clicking on 1 of the 2/3/4 options or playing a game to get to the next stage?

For my capstone project I would recreate a version of the Piano Tiles game. The game would have two options to choose from. The first option would be "free-flow" where when a key is pressed on the MIDI keyboard, a tile corresponding to that note would shoot out away from the player on the screen. In this version, you can play your own tunes and have fun with the moving tiles.

In the second option, you can select a pre-chosen song. The tiles that correspond to the notes of the song would glide toward the player. The player would have to hit the corresponding note on the keyboard when the tile hits the bottom of the screen to play the note. This version would be more of a game where if a certain number of notes are missed the game is over or if the song is played in full the player wins!

My plan was also to create a "choose your own adventure" type game. I am thinking there will be a character and you basically live out her life (ie choosing her outfit, her breakfast, etc.). I am planning on the user being able to click whichever option is desired. I will also try to make it somewhat like an animation, when she walks etc. I will incorporate sound effects and music that matches whatever scene she is in.

My capstone project will be a Point of view of walking through an museum, I don't know what type of museum right now, I am thinking of an art museum but this museum will play music and it will have different art or other pictures showing up on the page to just show off some of the most beautiful pictures of art or other aspects.

I also had a similar idea to this one so I was excited to see this proposal! I'm really excited to see the theme of your storyline/project, and how I do mine differently/similarly to yours.

I plan to wrap up my helicopter game, except I have reimagined this version to be a little more high stakes with missiles to dodge. I need to improve performance and add hit detection as well as a simple level progression + points system.