Art & Music: Creating Colorful Patterns (Spring 2024)

Absolutely gorgeous! There are some slight issues, but thankfully there are some quick and easy fixes for them. Firstly, I'd suggest hiding your variable readout/display thingy by unchecking the box in variables. I'd also suggest hiding your "turtle"/drawing sprite using the purple hide block. I think with those fixes it really allows one to appreciate the full image in its entirety!

I tried to add a twist to the polka dots and made "lollipops" and scattered them all over the stage. This was done by drawing a line where the dot was and rotating in a random direction.

Revision: I decided to extend this by drawing the Microsoft logo and drawing the lollipops with a red, blue, yellow, and green color template across the different sectors of the stage

This is wonderful! I would highly suggest adding a warp block to speed up the effect and present more like art. The warp block placed around all the drawing blocks will allow for the effect to be rendered quickly, making the final screen take much less time! Additionally, I would suggest adding a hide block for the drawing/"turtle" sprite to make the painting seem more like a drip rather than an artificial process

I think the idea of this project is very interesting, like when you use dots to represent a malfunctioning TV However, instead of splitting your code, you can use broadcast to connect those two parts.

I liked you project and how optimized the code was. One thing you could add is some notes detailing your process and explaining the code in the project. Other than that very cool design.

I love the patterns you made for this project. There are two suggestions, when I broke up your code I found that there are two parts (the top and bottom) but you named them opposite lines. Maybe naming it "top lines" or "bottom lines" would be more meaningful. Another thing is when I click on the green flags and the patterns jump around, I can see the turtle changing along with the pattern. Maybe try to use "hide" to hide the cursor.

I like the reference to Up! and the color template you used for the balloons is very nice! There is also a good layer of abstraction for the code. My only suggestion is that the two loops that draws 10000 balloons and 297 balloons are kind of redundant. Having one loop that draws all 10297 balloons. If it is an issue with speed, having a warp for the loop would be ok but I can see why you want to have some balloons be drawn rather than warped. Good job!

I love using candy imagery for this project! I have only two suggestions: 1.) Mike and Ikes did not immediately occur to me due to the inclusion of blue. There are blue Mike and Ikes, but if you're focusing on the Original Fruits pack, then an orange or pink might be a good replacement. 2.) The Q1 Red, Q2 Green, etc. blocks could probably incorporate a list for setting the transparency, which could cut down the repeat loops from 3 to 1. I also understand how you use it to get a layered effect as it is, however, so I also understand wanting to keep that. Love this!


I implemented changing the transparency in my Draw Random Size Dot block as well as representing the balloon knot based on the feedback from class. It wasn't mentioned, but I also changed the background to blue to provide a sky image, which also changes the perspective to looking up, which makes sense as the balloons keep forming at the layer closest to the viewer, as they would if they were being blown up and released upward.
I also got feedback on the redundancy of a warp block containing the first 10,000 balloons and a separate repeat for the next 297. I knew this was redundant (and doesn't really affect the final product as 297 balloons layered on top of each other looks basically the same as 10,297), but I still wanted to keep the number in my homage to Up! However, timing how long a non-warp repeat takes yielded a whopping 2 min 54 sec, which is really long! So I compromised: Draw All Balloons now uses a single repeat loop for 10,297 times, but if the viewer presses space, the program stops. If you want to stop seeing balloons being drawn before the loop finishes, you just press space.

I love how your design actually looks like a Jackson Pollock painting, and I'm an especially big fan of how the random zigzags turn out. A small suggestion I have is that you could turn the 300 in the "300 random polka dots" function into a parameter, so that you could more easily re-use it if you wanted to.

I love the overall appearance of your piece! The way you play around with the brightness, saturation and hue all works together in such an interesting yet beautiful way with each curve having its own color palette. I think the code is concise which is great but I would change certain function names like "pen" because it has the potential to get confusing later on.