- Art competition -

Hello! I have hosted a animation, art, and pfp competition! You can enter the competition by entering you username, the date, and what your doing (such as animations, art, or pfps).
animations, art, and pfps

If you want to submit art once you entered, then this is how you do it. First you put either the pfp, art, or animation, then you put your username and the date that you entered this competition. If someone other than you helped with your art, pfp, or project you need to mention them and give them credit.
[ art, pfp, animation ]
[ credit to: ( username or name ) ]
you can put anything related to your submission in the description, if you go off topic in the description it will not count as a submission.

I will not be participating nor judging in this competition, this will all come down to votes, you can not vote for your own submission, if you just want to vote for a submission this is how you do it: First you put the person's username who made to submission, Then you put the link of the submission. Once you've done that put your own username and enter ' I vote for ( username ) '.
( link to submittion or the picture )
( your username )
I vote for sushi-llama

Keep it kid friendly
Don't use rude language , such as curse words, or hurtful words
Be respectful, do not be disrespectful to the LBGTQ+ especially (I have seen a lot of that in other websites so that is why I put it as a rule)
No going off topic!!
once you enter you can not back out!


submittions and votes:
https://snap.berkeley.edu/project?user=funtime_foxy101&project=INK%20(Animation%20meme) - votes:
creator: @funtime_foxy101

https://d1eo0ig0pi5tcs.cloudfront.net/original/2X/4/487bb5f7f88cd296e9b827293c4237ae704bd2fe.png - votes: 
creator: @super_artist

Username:Herodooble2(Call me Hero Dooble,Doob,or Dante)
And ill be doing multiple pfps

you forgot to put the date but that's fine- Thanks for joining I will be pasting you username into the Participants list- and if you make any submissions it's link will be pasted into the submissions list.

If you look into the description at the top, I mentioned that this competition will only be based off votes, not judging. I set it up this way to prevent protest.

September 30, 2020
Credits: FUNTIME_FOXY101
I made this a while ago. Thought I could use it for this competion, since I did all of the art and code by myself with no help.

Mk I'll just add you to the participants list and your animation to the submissions. Thanks for participating!

no problem

mk I'll add you to the participants list!

mkk I will add the link of the photo to the submissions tab. Thanks for submitting!

Username: brighty dog (Brighty, Bright)

Welcome to the competition!