Art and Music (Spring 2022) - Module 4

This piece is based on an impressionist painting of two people walking in a garden. The program works by repeatedly going to a random location and reflecting the color there. It then places a dot of size 5 on the Stage and placing four dots of size 1 surrounding the big dot. After repeating 40,000 times, the image hides to reveal the Stage.

I really like the original picture that you took of the castle to start out with. I think that the way in which the picture has very distinct sections (castle, sky, trees) works well with the impressionist style of placing dots.

I really like the art you chose to make an impressionist painting out of. It is a really beautiful art work once your program finishes it.

The picture I chose was a snowy mountain. I chose this because I during the winter months where I live, the mountains nearby have snowy peaks and I love how it looks. I'm very happy with how the impressionist painting of this mountain came out it made me feel as if I did it myself.

This came out great! I also tried using a picture of snow but it kind of just looked like a blob of white, good to see someone else got it to look nice.