Are we already in Snap 8.0.0?

This isn't a problem and the title is self explanatory.

Yes - it was released this morning in time for Snap!Con2022


  • New Features:
    • passing a list to the ASK command in sensing presents a menu to the user
    • formatting a list of texts displays it as chat-history in an ASK menu
    • ASK nothing or a falsy value terminates all threads currently displaying a question or waiting to ask one and clears the last "answer"
    • new "Menus" library
    • broadcasting now supports optional additional data transmission, also when switching scenes
    • export script (including dependencies) via its context menu
    • export / import sprite-local custom block definitions from the palette
    • export block definitions from inside the block editor
    • embed blocks into costume metadata to be shared as image file
    • exported script pics now always include the actual blocks, which can be extracted from the image inside Snap!
    • exported scripts (!) pics now also always include either the actual blocks (if it's a single script), the block definition (if it's a block editor), or a sprite-representation of the current object (sprite or stage)
    • added green flag symbol to "when I receive" dropdown menu, support when clicking the green flag button in the IDE
    • added "combinations" primitive to the palette
    • new POSITION primitive reporter in the MOTION category
    • new MOUSE POSITION primitive reporter in the SENSING category
    • new "position" choice in OF reporter's attribute dropdown, reports a list of XY coordinates
    • new "variables" choice in OF reporter's attribute dropdown, reports a list of reachable variable names
    • new "categories" choice in MY reporter's dropdown, reports an ordered list of all category names whose indices match the "category" reported elsewhere
    • new "label", "type", "scope", "slots", "defaults", "menus" and "editables" choices in the OF BLOCK block-attribute reporter's dropdown
    • new "set attribute of block" primitive
    • new "define block" primitive
    • new "delete block" primitive
    • new "this script" primitive
    • added support to the OF reporter for binding a ring to another one, e.g. THIS SCRIPT, to access its local variables
    • new localization extension primitives in the "ide" category, hyperized
    • new extension primitive for importing a costume from a url
    • new extension primitive for querying all variable names accessible from a specified scope (global, sprite, script)
    • new extension primitive for querying whether a watcher for a variable by name is shown onstage
    • new support for setting the translation via the API
    • new TuneScope extension and library, thanks, Glen, Eric, and team!
    • new "Tad", "Jahrd", "Derec" and "Jamet" costume series, thanks, Meghan and Brian!
  • Notable Changes:
    • exporting a library includes dependencies (auto-select all referenced blocks)
    • exporting / importing a sprite includes dependencies (global custom blocks and palette categories)
    • imported single scripts are now placed into the hand, for the user to position them in the scripting area
    • moved "append", "reshape", "combinations" blocks down one group in the palette
    • moved "current date" block up to "timer" group in the palette
    • moved "attribute of block" block from the sensing category to control
    • include currently dragged sprites in the MY OTHER SPRITES/CLONES lists
    • library import dialog makeover for custom categories and hidden blocks, thanks, Michael!
    • when querying a custom reporter's "definition" property only report its reporter without the REPORT block (if applicable)
    • SciSnap2 extension update (ImagePad), thanks, Eckart!
    • MQTT extension update, thanks, Simon and Xavier!
  • Notable Fixes:
    • fixed relabelling "sum", "product", "minimum" and "maximum" reporters
    • fixed relabelling local custom blocks to global ones and vice-versa
    • fixed library blocks preview to deal with both local and global blocks
    • fixed scope of script vars inside experimental JIT-compiled rings, thanks, xBZZZ!
    • fixed a "wandering" watcher positioning bug when saving / loading a project into a scaled stage
    • fixed an edge case for slot type inferral
    • fixed variadic AND/OR reporters library, thanks, Brian!
    • fixed a pen-size issue in the frequency distribution analysis' graph-plot block, thanks, Brian!
    • fixed block label color when expanding or inserting variadic infix slots
    • framerate is throttled to < 67 fps
  • Documentation Updates:
    • new Manual for v8, yay! Thanks, Brian!
    • updated contribution guidelines, thanks, Peter!
    • updated help screens for NUMBERS and FIND FIRST, thanks, Brian, Peter and WarpedWartWars!
    • updated the API documentation for "setTranslation"
  • Translation Updates:
    • German
    • Greek, thank you, HM100!

Yep, it appears to be so.

I see it, and very good!!! The new major version of Snap! has a too high number of new changes and additions, so it's cool to put them in the new Snap! 8.0.0. This is the best day of Snap! !!! :face_holding_back_tears:

I personally like that they added macros. I personally never knew what macros were, but The More You Know I guess.

I'm glad you like macros! They're very cool.

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