Are **moderated** chats allowed?

Tittle says it all.
I'm pretty sure chats aren't allowed, but what about moderated chats?
Instead of a blacklist, I would make a whitelist of thing people can say.
So, is it allowed?

I don't believe a whitelist is equivalent to constant moderation- but all three combined (a blacklist of bad words, whitelist of okay words, moderation, and a way for users to ask for new whitelisted phrases) seems like something that would be more allowable than a straight-up unmoderated chat.

I don't know about the general chat idea, though.

I forgot to mention that, but yeah that's what I meant.

Probably not

Seems pointless to have both a whitelist and a blacklist, since the whitelist will already filter out words that aren't in it...

Sorry, that's right. In the terms of

I meant a blacklist as suggestions that had been rejected- so they weren't requested again or added in the future.

Just use a blacklist and you'll be fine.


I didn’t read the community guidelines but I think it’s allowed if you have a password for your chat. for example only you family knows the code and can enter the project but strangers can’t enter the project.

Our concern about chats isn't that someone might use a four-letter word. It's that someone might get molested after arranging a real-life meeting.

We hope that you aren't that stupid, but all it takes is once. Even if we didn't get shut down officially, nobody's parents would let them use Snap! any more.

And so if we allowed chats, we'd have to watch them closely. And that's not how we want to spend our time; we'd rather help people learn computer science.

So, no. Sorry.

Ok, thanks.:frowning:

Welcome! Anybody can just look at the code and find the password, so that wouldn't be ideal.

What about hashing the password?

But if it's in the code, someone could just edit the code to remove the password altogether. You'd have to stick the password check in the cloud variable server instead of snap so people can't just hack it.

True. I thought he was only worrying about password being visible

No, I was worriying about people going into the projecct.

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