Are CS10 Fall 2021 projects differ from Dan Garcia course offering

I'm working through CS10 course at Berkeley and need project specs, Are they same as other course offerings? I would appreciate if anybody can help and share specs

Hello! Welcome to the community! I am actually part of the CS10 staff this semester. CS10 projects do differ from year-to-year. The changes really vary though. It could just be minor (or sometimes no changes) to particular project/spec, and other times, there could be a big overhaul. For the last couple of years, however, the projects have remained fairly consistent.

Thanks a lot, Fall 2021 was taught by Josh Hug and there were no project titles on course webpage. so I thought it may differs from Dan Garcia's version.

If you want to compare, this was the course with Dan Garcia prior to the pandemic:

(Most changes are minor but the specs do change a bit from time to time, I was a TA for that semester and don't remember much significant changes from early editions besides having an entire project in python which was relatively new).

Thanks a lot