Are collaborations allowed?

Are collaborations allowed?

What is a collaboration?

A group of people working together on something.
There was a bunch of drama in late 2020 and some of it involved collaborations, so the mods killed the #collaborations category. They haven't responded as of yet if collaborations are against the ToU, so this topic is to find that out.

Yes, collaborations are a good thing. Life on the forum has been pretty good lately, so maybe y'all can have discussions that don't turn into flamewars, flagwars, or love letters. I'll recreate the category in a moment...

Can you make it so that we can edit projects together online? That's a feature I think Scratch is lacking, and it would be really cool.

Well, it's pretty high on our list to make it so more than one person can have write access to the same project. But we don't currently have any plans to support simultaneous editing by even just two users, because it's so hard to design that properly, let alone implement it. (Don't you hate it when you're working in Google Docs and trying to edit a document, and all of a sudden the display jumps to somewhere else because another editor has just started editing there?) And yes, NetsBlox does it, but they changed so many things from Snap! that we can't just steal their code.

yeah that what im saying
at uc berkeley there should be students who enjoy coding javascript and prototypes etc.
maybe they should put up posters there for this activity

Yes of course we have students. Jens is very, very hesitant about allowing other people to work on the Snap! editor. It happens once in a while, but rarely. We're never going to have random volunteers welcomed into the Snap! implementation team.

The paint editors (bitmap and vector) are on the list of things that need work, but not high on the list because you can always edit costumes in Photoshop or the Gimp or Inkscape or whatever. So don't hold your breath.

Chromebooks ain’t support that
There's a good chance at least one of these is not blocked.

bh you said in the Among Us thread:
"Umm, this is really against the rules (about collabs). It kind of snuck under the wire and has kind of been grandparented ever since. But it might disappear at any time. It has 269 posts, and they can't all be useful, which is why we don't like collabs. Has this collab generated any actual code yet?" Why did you say this if you don't like collabs but now do? Are they allowed or not I am confused.

They are, or there would not be a collaborations category now at all.
When that was posted, there was a whole bunch of drama around the forum, and they killed the #collaborations category and several others (#uncategorized, #shops, etc), basically anything that warranted off-topic chatter.
But recently:

TL;DR that post was a long time ago.

K thanks.

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