Are any nightcore songs legal on this site?

Are any nightcore songs legal on this site?

yes, since you modified the original song

Yeah, I think so...
They let us share nightcore and music projects on the Share Your Projects category.

No, this is clearly wrong. You don't have to make an exact copy of a work to violate its copyright. People get sued because a six bar snatch of their new song has the same melody as a six bar snatch of the other song. Rap recordings that sample a tiny, tiny segment of an earlier recording have to get permission and pay royalties.

I'm not sure what "legal on this site" means in the original question. Does it mean legal as in following the law, or does it mean permitted by us?

I am not a lawyer and the following is not legal advice. We believe that you can legally use copyrighted material all you want in a private project. But in a shared or published project, you need permission to use copyrighted material legally.

As for our policy, we (following Scratch on this) do not examine your projects to enforce copyright law proactively. The law does not require us to do that. But if we get an official DMCA takedown notice from a copyright owner, we are legally required to unpublish and unshare the project about which we get the complaint. As a practical matter, it's very unlikely that a copyright owner will consider it worthwhile to police Snap! projects, although I can imagine that some project goes viral on Twitter and then they send us a takedown notice.

Actually, uploading nightcore on this website shouldn't be a problem, as long as you give credit to the original creator of the song, then you will not get into trouble.

unless the copyright of the song does not allow you use/modify their song even if you give credit

Plagiarism (copying without credit) and copyright violation (copying without permission) are two completely separate issues. Plagiarism isn't even illegal, unless done with intent to defraud; it's just dishonest.

At school, when you write a paper, you're not publishing it, and so copyright issues don't arise. But teachers care very much about plagiarism.

In our (Snap!) community, when you publish something you are (according to the ToS) automatically licensing it to everyone (Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA), so there is no copyright issue if someone remixes it. But if you remix it without giving credit, you're plagiarizing it.

As between us and the outside world, however, plagiarism is rarely an issue; it's copying without permission (copyright violation) that matters, if anything.

So your saying we can't upload music into a project on Snap! without getting in trouble?

yes bc it will exceed the 10mb limit (joke)

no, you can. he said :

O, okay, I was just confused

this but unironically

Sigh. I must not be expressing myself clearly.

What do you mean by "get in trouble"? With the Snap! staff, or with the law? Those are different, because the law (specifically, the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act) explicitly says that web site hosts are not required to examine things that users post, so as to police the copyright laws, provided that when notified of a copyright violation we unpublish the offending post.

That's an entirely different issue. It has to do with the situation in which you remix another person's Snap! project -- a completely different situation from posting a modified version of a song made originally outside of Snap!.

If the copyright owner notifies us of a violation, we must unpublish the offending project. Whether the copyright owner also takes the trouble to find you (not a simple thing since we don't know your name, but not impossible since we do know your email address) and sue you for copyright violation is a separate question. It seems pretty unlikely, but I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

If all this is still unclear, go read and see if they explain it better.

yeah, but what if you have permission to use the song? Plus, uploading music onto any coding website has never been a problem. I think that is so because i've always given credit to the person who created it...but, maybe that's because I'm friends with the people who made the song? Actually, it would still create a problem, because I've uploaded songs made by people who i don't know at all, and I've given credit and everything, but i never got into trouble for it. So, I think that clarifies the point that "Yes, you can upload nightcore songs here, as long as you give credit and possibly even a link to where you got it from or the original song, if you nightcored it yourself. You should be fine, then."
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C'mon. I did say "I must not be expressing myself clearly," not "you're an idiot."

If you have permission from the copyright owner, of course it's okay. But as for this:

What a bunch of kids do on a kid web site is generally not worth music publishers' time and money to pursue. But the law is that we can be required to unpublish your project, and you can be sued (well, if you're under 18 your parents can be sued) for copyright violation.

"Giving credit" is about plagiarism, not about copyright. It has no bearing on your legal liability or ours. The law is about permission, not credit.

What I know about is US law, and details are different elsewhere in the world, but not very different because of a series of international treaties (look up GATT) that have brought most countries' laws into agreement. But for example European copyright law talks about a separate thing called the "moral rights" of authors, which are about plagiarism, among other things. But the commercial rights of copyright holders are basically the same as in the US.

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